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The school was founded in September of 1984. It has become a gymnasium since 2000. The gymnasium was named after the cosmonaut Oleg Makarov in 2003.

There are 34 classes at school.

38 graduates finished our gymnasium with golden medals, 78 with silver ones. (2007)

The building was started to run in 1984. It has 3 floors, fluorescent lighting, cold and hot running water, a sewerage system, a school hall, studies on school subjects, two computer classes, a doctor surgery, a dentist surgery, a big and small gym halls, 6 sports grounds. There are 11375 textbooks, 16231 books and 3000 journals. The canteen is for 100 pupils. There is also a buffet.

728 pupils study here. Pedagogical staff includes 63 teachers. Pupils get knowledge of two foreign languages. The school provides multi profile education. The experimental work has been started since 1993. The gymnasium has been an ecological ground since 2004.

The school year lasts 33 weeks for starters and 34 weeks for seniors.

The lessons are till afternoon. The additional activities are at the second half of the day.

Juniors study 5 days a week. Seniors study 6 days a week.

The gymnasium is located in the town of Udomlya, Tver region, Russia. Two kindergartens, the school of arts, and a hospital are nearby.